About Clubs 4 Cubs (C4C)

About C4C

Everyone knows some young person in need when it comes to sport and strife when it comes to the costs of participating in a sport, whether it's a family member, someone at school or one of the neighbourhood kids. Every day, we all interact with youth who have no idea how to access the help they need in pursuing their sporting dreams. C4C seeks to connect youth, with the right people, resources and clubs to help them.

The sports sector is a massive, oftentimes faceless machine that some youth find impenetrable unless they're guided through it by those who're most familiar with it, and unless they have the right resources to do so. 

Mostly, youth and their families in need in this area don't know what help is available or how to access help, and C4C seeks to break down the barriers to help by enabling ordinary, everyday and less resourced youth to connect the dots to help them pursue their sporting dreams, no matter how impossible it may seem! C4C achieves this through the power of technology. C4C was born from the want to foster the next generation of sportsmen and women and people across the globe. We have a fundamental belief that all youth should be able to play and participate in club sports, without the restriction of fees and additional costs stopping them from fulfilling their dreams where their family is financially limited and unable to support their pursuit.

C4C works on a partnership model, where ourselves and different sport clubs and organizations across the world, sponsor new players who otherwise may not have been able to join due to circumstantial restraints and/or lack of support.

Through our organization, families can have some pressure lifted as C4C empowers partnerships for youth that enable assistance and support with the many challenges from club memberships, equipment, coaching, and other costs, while also provided any needed support, and mentorship along the way.

Our model also means clubs in all areas of the world, across all sporting disciplines, can get represented and receive additional support through our partnership model.

We know that for most people, sport (no matter the type), is part of our DNA, and at C4C we know all it takes sometimes to foster the next generation of sport lovers is a little bit of help along the way. Who knows how many future sporting superstars C4C will help foster and grow!




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